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Friday, March 16, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked - by Kresley Cole

Kaderin the Cold Hearted cannot feel, and slays any vampire that she see's. Sebastian was turned vampire against his will by his brothers, and has yet to forgive them. When faced with Sebastian, she couldn't kill him, and all these new feelings bombard her. Kaderin enters the Hie, as she does every 250 years, but Sebastian also enters to try to win Kaderin what she wants.

Favorite Quote:
Nix - "Did I say something? What did I say? How am I supposed to keep track of what I said?"
Nikolai - "Damn it, Nix, I know you could tell us where they are."
[Nix's] eyes went wide as she breathed, "Are you psychic, too?"

I know that had nothing to do with Kaderin and Sebastian, but I laughed so hard at this quote! Nix is awesome!!!
Anyway - Good book! I really did enjoy it, and liked the special teaser in the back with Bowen!

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