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Friday, March 16, 2012

Deep Kiss of Winter - Anthology

I haven't posted my books I read recently, so here are the ones I finished... They'll be separate so they are easier to find.

- Untouchable - by Kresley Cole
Daniela the Ice Maiden cannot be touched unless they are Icere, as she is an Icere Valkyrie; but they hunt her because she threatens the Icere King's throne - which she doesn't want. Murdoch just helped his brother, Nikolai, to find his Mist, so he takes off to find another Valkyrie to get information from - and finds Daniela. She is his Bride, but he cannot touch her - to do so would be excruciating for her.

No specific quotes really stood out, though I enjoyed the gorgeous description given for Daniela's transformation in the cold. I find it kind of funny how the one thing she told Murdoch not to do became their salvation.

- Tempt Me Eternally - by Gena Showalter
Aleah is a shifter - one touch and she can become you. Breean is a Rakan warrior leader that came from a planet destoryed by the Schon. Aleah tries to get him and AIR (Alien Investigation and Removal) to work together to stop the Schon from taking over earth too, but Breean has other plans.

Favorite Scene:
Breean - "You'll just have to trust me."
Aleah - "Oh, really?" She sank her teeth into his back, past his clothing and streight into his skin [...]
Breean - "I'll take this to mean you refuse to trust me."
Aleah - "That's right." The words were moaned. [...] She licked him through his shirt, murmured, "God, you taste good."

I really enjoyed this story, and believe I have found another author to look for. I love how the Rakan's blood taste like honey. (yummy!)

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