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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Firelight - Linda Mooney

This is a short story where Connie is falling asleep, and then starts to hear a voice - Nathaniel (her love from a past life) - who uses tricks of the light to create a reality for them.

Favorite quote:
Nathaniel - "It was as real as we wanted it to be."

I enjoyed this short story, and only have one problem: It wasn't long enough!

A Hunger Like No Other - by Kresley Cole

After 150 years of torment in hell, Lachlain (a Lykae) finally escapes his captors to find his mate, Emmaline (1/2 vampire, 1/2 Valkyrie), not what he expected. Now he must fight within himself to accept that he is to be mated to the very race that tried to destroy him. But what he doesn't know, is that Emmaline is nothing like those vampires, and is constantly frightened away from him.

My favorite quote from this book was:
Regin - "Now, if you come across a leech, no offense, remember your training."
Emmaline - "None taken. And would that be the sword training where you fly past my defenses and swat me on the ass, chirping, 'Dead!'? Another swat. 'Dead!? Yeah, I'll get right on that."
Regin - "No, that would be the training where you sprint like hell whenever you hear that I'm looking for you to train."

I enjoyed this book so much, I could barely stand to put it down while I was at work! Good thing I have a pretty laid-back job or I'd have to find a new one already! lol.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Night Falls on the Wicked - by Sharie Kohler

I guess I was closer to the end of this book than I thought lol.

This book begins with Darby working at Sam's Diner as a waitress. Then changes to Niklas as he's entering her frozen town, signing into a hotel. They run into each other at the local grocery store, where a big gathering of onlookers watched as hunters displayed 2 dead wolves. Darby has a vision that gets her into trouble, and she ends up looking after Aimee, which she has to kill the Alpha because she'd been infected, and has to get her to her grandmother's house. Niklas has similar objectives (killing the same Alpha - his alpha), so they team up. Aimee gets kidnapped and Darby does the 1 thing that she swore she would never do - become a Demon witch - to save Aimee.

There were a few good quotes, but this was my favorite:
Darby pulled back her shoulders. "I don't like you very much."
Niklas shrugged, "Why should you?"
"Don't mock me." Darby snapped.

Good read - Love how you can tell that all her Moon Chasers books are connected in some way. This was the Darby from Sharie Kohler's "My Soul to Keep" - Jonah's witch friend.

My Soul to Save - by Rachel Vincent

This book begins at a concert, and Tod gets them passes to go backstage to meet a big-time star, until she dies on stage. They meet Tod's ex-girlfriend, Addison, and find out that she sold her soul for fame and fortune. They have to race against the clock to try to get her soul back, because Addison dies in 5 days. Kaylee has to jump to and from the Netherworld, and it is no picnic finding out what the Netherworld is like.

I had a few favorite quotes, but like always, here was my favorite one:
"I see you all the time, but you've never seen me, because Kaylee said if I got too close to you, I'd suffer eternity without my balls."

Good read, and it only gets better as the series progresses. I read this about a week ago, but I just haven't been able to get online to post. I'm already almost finished with my Next book: Night falls on the Wicked - by Sharie Kohler.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Soul to Keep - by Sharie Kohler

Starts out with Sorcha, a Dovenatu (a natural-born lycan type), as she found a witch to help get vengeance for her late husband's murder, which turned out to be Tresa, a demon witch. She goes and is stopped by Jonah, her protector / crush from her past. She follows him home, and tries to become a demon slayer, like he is, and isn't very good at it. He finally feels that she is a very big distraction and sends her away, which she goes after Tresa again. She gets kidnapped and finds her father running this death game for lycan hunters, and Jonah finds out and tries to save her. A demon witch is a witch that sold her soul to a demon for power and eternal life. I thought this was a very good book, and I really enjoyed the storyline, although no quotes really stood out.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Soul to Take - by Rachel Vincent

Finally! They took long enough to explain to Kaylee that she's a Banshee (Bean Sidhe) and it was so messed up that Nash (her new boyfriend) had to explain it to her! I understand that Kaylee's dad wasn't as strong as her mother, but come on! He should have stepped up and been a real father years ago, when she thought she was going crazy the FIRST time! They should have never kept this magnitude of a secret from her!

Starts out fun with Kaylee and her BFF, Emma, going to a night club, and Nash starts talking to her. She gets her "panic attack" and he helps her through it! The next day, she overhears her uncle and aunt talking and gets totally freaked out! She talks to Nash about it, and he just had to tell her what was going on. Then they find out a pattern, and go to see Tod (a reaper) to ask a favor. Things get dicey and Emma almost dies, but Kaylee and Nash were able to save her.

Lots of favorite quotes again, like always, but here's the one I liked best:
Kaylee - "A non-human non-friend? Who works at the hospital as a non-medical intern?" At least it wasn't another football player. "Now that we're clear on what he's not, care to tell me what he is?"

Anyway, really good, and Tod is such a cutie!! Was so happy that her dad finally came back into the picture, just wish it hadn't been so late! She had to learn on the fly, and she took it really calmly when Nash explained it to her. I can't wait to continue reading  - am already 2 chapters into My Soul to Save.

Happy Reading!