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Friday, March 16, 2012

Never to sleep - by Rachel Vincent

I know this is going out of order, but I was SO curious! This is Sophie's awakening - when she finds out what she can do - not what she is though... she meets Luca - the hot new guy to the school, who happens to be a Necromancer. Sophie gets so frieked out that she accidentally brings her and him to the Netherworld, but she doesn't know what happened. Now they must survive to find a way out.

Favorite Quote:
Sophie - "We're about to be devoured by man-eating plants. Shouldn't we at least acknowledge how attractive our respective bodies are before they're digested from the inside out?"
Luca - "Is that your way of fishing for a compliment?"

Sophie is SO stuck up, but surprisingly intelligent! Although, she can be mighty clueless:
People called Kaylee special, but what they really meant was "special." In that straitjackets and padded walls kind of way. She wasn't special like Luca thought I was special. She could never handle what I'd just seen and done. She wasn't stable enough.
 If only she used her brain... she might realize that, since they were related, this may have been why Kaylee acts the way she does!

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