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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twice Tempted - By Jeaniene Frost - 1st in 2013

Night Prince Book #2
Very good! 2nd installment of the Night Prince Novels with Vlad & Leila. Is it just Leila, or is their relationship seeming a little strained? She isn't sure what to do, and either wants more, or wants out. 

Favorite Quote:
Vlad made a sound too harsh to be a growl. "You won't be satisfied until you've brought me to my knees, is that it?"
"Why not?" It shot out of [Leila] with all the recklessness of my still-broken heart, "You brought me to mine."

Very good book!! Especially if you are a Frost Fan! Here is her site:


Too long with no post @.@

It's been forever since I posted...just over a year! I have gone through a lot this year.Books ~ I have read a few books last year that I had not posted... so I can do that now:

- Dreams of a Dark Warrior - By Kresley Cole
With Declan Chase and Reginleit
Regin - "Let's do this! Rock out with your cocks out!"
"Usually I exasperate people. And I jest at inappropriate times. Such as during executions. Freya says 'tis my gift and my bane to frustrate others."

- Dark Desires After Dusk - By Kresley Cole
With Cadeon and Holly
Holly - "You might as well be eating pickled pig's feet, fished from a jar."
[Cadeon's] eyes went wide, "They had some? And you didn't tell me?" [he] grinned at her horrified expression.

This year I am hoping to read at least 10 books. Got only one so far, and haven't worked on any more, but I know I can do 10!

I really enjoyed both of these books, would recommend them, especially Twice Tempted - Love Jeaniene Frost's work!!!

Hopefully will be blogging more with my reads!

And with that, I bid you adieu. :)  Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turn up the Heat - by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This was a short story found in the anthology Playing Easy to Get. Allison just kicked her fiancee out for cheating on her and she works hard. She loves the fantasy novels and enters into the contest on her favorite novel series that her childhood friend told her to enter, and she wins!

Vince has had it hard all his life, and is now on the run from the mafia, and his brother in law picks him up and hides him out on his fantasy island.
They both needed a new start in life, and now they got it!

Favorite quote:
Vince - "Aren't you scared?"
Allison - "Shitless, pardon my French. But you don't know anything about me if you think I'm just going to lie down and take this. Nobody comes after me and threatens me and just walks off. I'm not a doormat. I might be female, but where I come from that doesn't make me the weaker sex. It just makes me the more vengeful sex."

Good story! I especially loved how, at the beginning, she seemed like a timid mouse, then she started acting more like a prowling lioness. Loved it!!

Bound to Me - by Jocelynn Drake

Mira, the Fire Starter, is a young vampire and is in love with Velario, whom has been a vampire much longer. They are assigned to go to Mira's horrible maker's domain to kill a threat there, and finds she is wrapped up in a tug of war. Good read. I love that this story was made about her past, but I would like even more to read about her human life and what she had to give up to become a vamp.

The ending was kinda a let-down, but I guess, as they say, ignorance is bliss. Good story, but wasn't long enough for my tastes ;)

Elphame's Choice - by P.C. Cast

Elphame is a goddess - touched 1/2 Human 1/2 Centaur who has felt out of place her entire life. She has a Feeling to go to the MacCallan Castle to restore it, and has been in ruins for over a century. There, she finally fits in and feels a sense of belonging, but nothing is ever that easy.

I don't remember a quote that really stood out, but it was very entertaining. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Firelight - by Kristen Callihan

Miranda is a Fire starter, and has been trying to repress her gift since she burned 1/2 of her father's fortune on accident when she was 10. Lord Archer is cursed... He stumbles upon her when she is young, but waits until she is older to claim her, but he is stubborn and tries to keep Miranda out of his dangerous lifestyle...

Favorite Scene:
[After a battle, Archer is hurt in the side and cannot see it, but is a surgeon and has to talk her through it.]
Archer - "I don't deserve you, Miranda."
The softness in his voice made [Miranda] want to smile, but she kept it repressed. "Yes, I know." She straightened. "No matter, I shall soon have my revenge. Now tell me what to do."

I also liked how, when her father was talking her into marrying Archer, he said "You, my dear, are a diamond in a sea of cut glass."

Very enjoyable, Kristen does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will come next.

Fair Game - by Patricia Briggs

Anna and Charles are having problems. Since the Werewolves have come out of the proverbial closet, Charles' Enforcement of Werewolf law has increased, and he's not dealing with it well. Anna see's it and tries to help. As a reprieve from the life of killing, Charles and Anna are sent to help with an investigation.

I read so fast that I didn't think about doggy-earring a favorite quote. I really enjoyed the whole book. Good read, and definitely can't wait till the next book! Would like to see what happens with the Fae.