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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Firelight - by Kristen Callihan

Miranda is a Fire starter, and has been trying to repress her gift since she burned 1/2 of her father's fortune on accident when she was 10. Lord Archer is cursed... He stumbles upon her when she is young, but waits until she is older to claim her, but he is stubborn and tries to keep Miranda out of his dangerous lifestyle...

Favorite Scene:
[After a battle, Archer is hurt in the side and cannot see it, but is a surgeon and has to talk her through it.]
Archer - "I don't deserve you, Miranda."
The softness in his voice made [Miranda] want to smile, but she kept it repressed. "Yes, I know." She straightened. "No matter, I shall soon have my revenge. Now tell me what to do."

I also liked how, when her father was talking her into marrying Archer, he said "You, my dear, are a diamond in a sea of cut glass."

Very enjoyable, Kristen does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will come next.

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