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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Soul to Take - by Rachel Vincent

Finally! They took long enough to explain to Kaylee that she's a Banshee (Bean Sidhe) and it was so messed up that Nash (her new boyfriend) had to explain it to her! I understand that Kaylee's dad wasn't as strong as her mother, but come on! He should have stepped up and been a real father years ago, when she thought she was going crazy the FIRST time! They should have never kept this magnitude of a secret from her!

Starts out fun with Kaylee and her BFF, Emma, going to a night club, and Nash starts talking to her. She gets her "panic attack" and he helps her through it! The next day, she overhears her uncle and aunt talking and gets totally freaked out! She talks to Nash about it, and he just had to tell her what was going on. Then they find out a pattern, and go to see Tod (a reaper) to ask a favor. Things get dicey and Emma almost dies, but Kaylee and Nash were able to save her.

Lots of favorite quotes again, like always, but here's the one I liked best:
Kaylee - "A non-human non-friend? Who works at the hospital as a non-medical intern?" At least it wasn't another football player. "Now that we're clear on what he's not, care to tell me what he is?"

Anyway, really good, and Tod is such a cutie!! Was so happy that her dad finally came back into the picture, just wish it hadn't been so late! She had to learn on the fly, and she took it really calmly when Nash explained it to her. I can't wait to continue reading  - am already 2 chapters into My Soul to Save.

Happy Reading!

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