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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Night Falls on the Wicked - by Sharie Kohler

I guess I was closer to the end of this book than I thought lol.

This book begins with Darby working at Sam's Diner as a waitress. Then changes to Niklas as he's entering her frozen town, signing into a hotel. They run into each other at the local grocery store, where a big gathering of onlookers watched as hunters displayed 2 dead wolves. Darby has a vision that gets her into trouble, and she ends up looking after Aimee, which she has to kill the Alpha because she'd been infected, and has to get her to her grandmother's house. Niklas has similar objectives (killing the same Alpha - his alpha), so they team up. Aimee gets kidnapped and Darby does the 1 thing that she swore she would never do - become a Demon witch - to save Aimee.

There were a few good quotes, but this was my favorite:
Darby pulled back her shoulders. "I don't like you very much."
Niklas shrugged, "Why should you?"
"Don't mock me." Darby snapped.

Good read - Love how you can tell that all her Moon Chasers books are connected in some way. This was the Darby from Sharie Kohler's "My Soul to Keep" - Jonah's witch friend.

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