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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Soul to Save - by Rachel Vincent

This book begins at a concert, and Tod gets them passes to go backstage to meet a big-time star, until she dies on stage. They meet Tod's ex-girlfriend, Addison, and find out that she sold her soul for fame and fortune. They have to race against the clock to try to get her soul back, because Addison dies in 5 days. Kaylee has to jump to and from the Netherworld, and it is no picnic finding out what the Netherworld is like.

I had a few favorite quotes, but like always, here was my favorite one:
"I see you all the time, but you've never seen me, because Kaylee said if I got too close to you, I'd suffer eternity without my balls."

Good read, and it only gets better as the series progresses. I read this about a week ago, but I just haven't been able to get online to post. I'm already almost finished with my Next book: Night falls on the Wicked - by Sharie Kohler.

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