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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turn up the Heat - by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This was a short story found in the anthology Playing Easy to Get. Allison just kicked her fiancee out for cheating on her and she works hard. She loves the fantasy novels and enters into the contest on her favorite novel series that her childhood friend told her to enter, and she wins!

Vince has had it hard all his life, and is now on the run from the mafia, and his brother in law picks him up and hides him out on his fantasy island.
They both needed a new start in life, and now they got it!

Favorite quote:
Vince - "Aren't you scared?"
Allison - "Shitless, pardon my French. But you don't know anything about me if you think I'm just going to lie down and take this. Nobody comes after me and threatens me and just walks off. I'm not a doormat. I might be female, but where I come from that doesn't make me the weaker sex. It just makes me the more vengeful sex."

Good story! I especially loved how, at the beginning, she seemed like a timid mouse, then she started acting more like a prowling lioness. Loved it!!

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